How many wireless devices do you have?

Anything that uses cellular, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth emits wireless radiation.

Start by identifying wireless sources in your home.

The most common sources are cell phones, cell towers, wireless headphones, wireless routers, tablets, laptops, computers, wireless printers, wireless keyboards and mice, cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, gaming consoles, wireless wearables like watches and rings, digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, and any other “smart” devices.

Simple Steps to Reduce Radiation

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Limit children's use

Cell phones are not toys. Minimizing children’s use of cell phones and wireless devices reduces their exposure.

Get to know airplane mode

This setting turns wireless antennas off on your cell phone or device. The more you use the Airplane Mode/Wi-Fi OFF setting, the less your children are exposed. Be sure to ensure Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Cellular, and HotSpot antennas are also turned to OFF because newer cell phones have an airplane mode setting that might leave a few antennas on. 


Protect your child’s sleep

It is easy to remove screens from the bedroom and turn wireless networks off at bedtime to ensure 8 hours of healthier sleep.  This is called creating a “sleep sanctuary.”

Turn it off when not in use

Instead of keeping your wireless and Wi-Fi devices powered on 24/7, switch them off when not in use. This simple step can lower your family’s cumulative wireless exposure.

Next, we hope you will continue the journey by swapping out Wi-Fi and wireless with safer wired devices.  This eliminates the radiation exposure. We will show you how.

Use corded technology

You can easily swap out most wireless tech in your home for safer corded non-wireless technology. Yes, you can still connect to the internet, stream music and videos and talk on the phone–all with a safer non-wireless corded connection.

Reduce second hand exposures

Wi-Fi devices and wireless networks create low level ambient exposures inside your home. This exposure is cumulative. Each step you take to reduce sources of exposure will make a huge impact over time.

Increase distance

Be aware that the closer the cell phone or Wi-Fi device is to your child’s body, the more wireless radiation they recieve. So keeping these devices distanced from children is very important. Better yet, use corded phones and wired tech to eliminate the radiation source.

Top Tips

Create a healthy, wireless-free bedroom and nursery

Many families start with wireless free sleep as an easy quick start to reducing daily wireless exposure. Ideally, this gives an uninterrupted 8 hours in a lower radiation environment.

  • Keep screens, TVs and electronics out of the bedroom.
  • Turn off and unplug all Wi-Fi wireless devices at night.
  • Use a battery powered alarm clock or a cell phone on airplane mode.
  • Charge phones and wireless devices outside of your bedroom, not on the nightstand.
  • Do not plug in anything next to the bed or crib.
  • Ensure you do not have a cordless phone base or charging station near your bed.
  • Keep any appliance that must be in the room (air purifier, fan, etc.) several feet away from the bed.
  • Ensure the bed is not on a wall with a utility meter or wireless emitting device (like a Wi-Fi router) on the other side.
If you are pregnant
  • Keep your cell phone away from your abdomen.
  • Power off phone when carrying it on your body.
  • Minimize wireless and cell phone use.
  • Prefer a corded phone for calls.
  • Use your laptop on a desk, not your lap.
  • Do not rest cell phones or wireless devices and electronics against your abdomen.
  • Avoid use of wireless wearables (watches, rings, etc.)
  • Do not use your cell phone in the car.
  • Minimize exposure to Wi-Fi by using ethernet connections in your home.
If you have an infant
  • Keep the phone away from the baby.
  • Do not use a cell phone while nursing or with an infant in your lap. Instead use a corded landline phone.
  • Do not carry a cell phone near the baby in the infant carrier, sling or stroller
  • Turn phones on airplane mode with Bluetooth and other wireless antennas off when near the baby.
  • Instead of streaming music, pre-download the songs and turn the phone to airplane mode before placing a cell phone near the baby or in the stroller.
  • Educate your babysitters and caregivers.
  • Do not use a wireless baby monitor.
  • Minimize Wi-Fi in your home.
If you have a toddler
  • Do not let a toddler use a cell phone as a toy.
  • Prefer non-wireless and screen-free toys and games to support their imagination.

The American Academy of Pediatrics calls for no screen time at all for children until 18 to 24 months, except for video chatting, and says kids ages 2 to 5 should get an hour or less of screen time per day.

If a child is going to use a device:

  • Download content and turn on airplane mode before giving a tablet to a child.
  • Always ensure tablets are on a table instead of a child’s lap.

Did You Know

Wireless is always on

Cell phones emit wireless radiation non stop– even when you are not using the device. The only way to stop the wireless is to turn all wireless antennas OFF or power it off.

Just like cell phones, all wireless devices— such as the home cordless phone bases, gaming consoles, Wi-fi speakers, routers and printers— also emit wireless nonstop, even when not in use.

There are safer connections like ethernet so you can connect to the internet radiation free. If the Wi-Fi antennas cannot be disabled through Airplane mode, then home wireless devices must be unplugged and fully powered off to stop the radiation emissions.

Fine print instructions

Buried deep inside the manual of cell phones and wireless devices are fine print instructions telling consumers to keep the phone or device at a distance from the body.

If the device is held tight at body contact, the exposure into the body can be so high it exceeds the government’s outdated safety limits.


Ethernet is faster and safer now

Ethernet cords allow you to connect your computer, tablet, laptop and even your cell phone to the internet, but without the wireless radiation.

Wired ethernet is also super fast and reliable.

Learn more. 

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