The Science

The widespread use of wireless technology is rapidly increasing children’s exposure to radiofrequency (RF) radiation, a type of electromagnetic field (EMF).

There is now substantial published, peer-reviewed scientific evidence linking wireless radiation to  a variety of harmful effects, even at exposure levels that meet the governments wireless radiation limits. Studies have found impacts to memory, brain development, reproduction, behavior, emotional problems, headaches, and DNA, as well as increased thyroid cancer and brain tumor risk.  


Studies show that children absorb more intense levels of wireless radiation deeper and more intensely into their brain compared to adults because they have thinner skulls, smaller heads and a higher water content in their brains. More importantly, children are more vulnerable to wireless radiation because their rapidly developing brains are more sensitive. Even very “low level” toxic exposures at a critical time in development can result in serious effects later in life. 


Today’s children will have a higher lifetime exposure to wireless radiation than previous generations and their exposures begin during pregnancy. 


The American Academy of Pediatrics has long called for an update to cell phone radiation regulations because research finds children can absorb up to 10 or more times higher radiation than adults into their brain, eyes and bone marrow. 

What You Need To Know To Keep Your Family Healthy

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