Safe Technology For Our Children

Did you know that cell phones, cell towers, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth emit wireless radiation?

Peer-reviewed scientific research links wireless radiation to memory damage, cancer, and fertility issues.

Simple Steps To Reduce Radiation

If you plan to watch a movie on your device, download it first, then switch to airplane mode while you watch in order to avoid unnecessary radiation exposure. American Academy of Pediatrics

Why are children more vulnerable to wireless radiation?

The International Agency for Research on Cancer says children can absorb up to 10 times more wireless radiation in the bone marrow of their skull compared to adults.
Children have thinner skulls and a unique physiology which allows wireless radiation to travel deeper into their brains.
Children's brains are still developing. Even very low level exposures at young ages can have more serious impacts later in life.
Children are now exposed to radiation before they are born and they will have longer lifetime exposures.

Three easy ways to minimize children's exposure to wireless.

1. Remove cell phones, screens, and wireless electronics from the bedroom.

2. Pre-download media and activate airplane mode to decrease unnecessary radiation before handing a child a tablet.

3. Connect tech with faster, safer and more secure hardwired cords.

Simple Steps

International Laws To Protect Children

Here are a just few examples of the numerous policies aimed at reducing children's wireless exposure.

France Bans advertising cell phones to children under 14 years old. Ban on sale of cell phones designed for young children. Bans Wi-Fi in daycare and nursery schools. Wi-Fi is turned off unless in use in elementary.
Cyprus Directive to remove Wi-Fi from elementary schools. Bans Wi-Fi in daycare and nursery schools. Campaign to educate parents on how to reduce cell phone and Wi-Fi.
Belgium Bans sale and advertising of cell phones made for young children. Restricts radiation from cell tower networks.
Chile Nationwide "Antenna Law" prohibits cell towers near “sensitive areas” institutions serving children and the elderly.
Switzerland Strict limits on allowable cell tower radiation levels near homes. Government monitors cell tower radiation levels.
French Polynesia Wi-Fi banned in nursery schools. Wi-Fi turned off in elementary unless in use. Campaign to educate parents on how to reduce wireless and other types of electromagnetic radiation. Ban on mobile phone advertising to children

5 Things to Consider About Technology

“Smart” devices emit microwaves 24/7

Cell phones and wireless devices all emit microwave radiation–the very same frequencies used by microwave ovens, but at a lower power.

Health and safety should always come first

Cell phones and Wi-Fi were not premarket safety tested for long term safety before they were brought on the market.

Government safety limits need to be stronger

Exposure limits for wireless radiation have not changed for decades. And, these outdated regulations are based on a large adult, not a child.

The science is alerting us

Numerous credible research studies have linked wireless exposure to memory, attention and behavior problems, reproductive damage as well as an increased cancer risk.

Safer connections are the way forward.

Technology can be state of the art and radiation free all at the same time. Doctors and scientists are advocating to companies and governments for upgrades that will safeguard children’s health and well being.

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