How do I talk on the phone at home?

Short Answer: Install a landline. It’s a great wireless-free option!

If you have a copper landline, keep it. This is the best option.

However, in most communities copper landlines are no longer available. Thankfully, there are other ways to get a landline.

You can either

  1.  Get a phone line though your service provider
  2.  Use Voice Over Internet (VOIP)

Then, once you have a corded telephone in your home, you can forward your cell phone to your home telephone line. Prefer the corded telephone for long voice calls, instead of the cell phone.

You Will Need

  • A safe corded (not cordless) phone. Ensure you connect a corded phone to the telephone line, not a cordless phone. Remember, cordless phones emit wireless continuously. So be sure the telephone you choose has no wireless capability. If the corded phone comes with an additional cordless phone, find another model. We recommend getting a longer headset cord for the phone so you can conveniently move around rooms.


Get Phone Line Service through your internet provider

  1. Call your communications provider to make an appointment for a technician to come to your home to install a telephone jack (one jack per room, in any room where you want to use the phone) for a landline.
  2. Use your landline to make calls with a corded, not a cordless phone.

Use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP)

  1. Purchase hardware that you connect to your internet modem. Then, you pay a small monthly fee. There are several companies (Magic Jack, Ooma or Vonage) that supply VOIP equipment that you can connect directly to your computer with an ethernet cable.
  2. Select VOIP equipment that does not have any wireless capability. Usually there is an option, confirm with a phone call to the company.

Another way people reduce costs is to use Skype or another online application for phone calls and to do this using ethernet, not Wi-Fi. For example, you can FaceTime to someone using a wired computer, instead of Wi-Fi.

Educate friends and family on hardwiring their computer so they are also wireless radiation free.

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