How do I set up a safer computer workstation?

There are many ways that you can set up a computer workstation that will significantly reduce your exposure to wireless radiation. Think about all of the electronic equipment that you normally find in a home office. There are hardwired solutions for almost all of them!


  1. Connect your laptop or computer to the internet with an ethernet cable instead of WiFi (see How do I use a computer without Wi-Fi?).
  2. Opt for a wired (not wireless) keyboard, speakers and mouse to use with your computer.
  3. Place your laptop on a table, not in your lap.
  4. Choose a corded phone (not cordless) for your landline phone.
  5. Unplug any cables or chargers that are plugged in even when you are not using them (reduces AC electric fields, another type of radiation).
  6. Bundle all cords/cables with a Ziptie and move them away from your body and feet as much as possible (reduces AC electric fields).
  7. Avoid the use of wireless headphones.

If you have Wi-Fi equipment that you cannot swap out yet:

  1. Ensure the WiFi router is not near your body. Remember to turn it off when not in use.
  2. Keep printers and other wireless office equipment unplugged and turn them on only when you need to use them. Keep them away from your body.


This is a laptop connected with an ethernet cord instead of Wi-Fi.


Download our Step by Step Guide on Hardwiring Your Computer,  and remove the wireless radiation from,  your computer or tablet here.

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