What about about microwave ovens?

Some facts about microwave ovens 

  1. Microwaves can leak out of the door, some more than others.  If your microwave oven is older, it potentially could leak much higher amounts into your kitchen because the door seal is dirty, allowing more microwaves to escape though the cracks. Wear and tear can also damage the seal. Also, the door might be slightly misaligned which allows leaks. 
  2. Microwaves use the same non-ionizing microwave frequencies used in radar- 2.45 gigahertz (GHz)— the frequency range also used for Wi-Fi technology.  However, microwaves are not exactly the same as wireless communication signals because the frequencies are not carrying data. Microwaves are not emitting pulsed modulated signals.
  3. Microwaves generate magnetic fields because they use lot of electricity, even when they are not in use. Thankfully these fields drop rapidly within a few feet. This is why you do not want your child’s high chair placed close to the microwave in the kitchen. 

What you can do. 

  1. Take a look at the microwave door seal, is it dirty or falling off? If so, we do not recommend  you use it.  If the door doesn’t close firmly or is bent, warped, or otherwise damaged, it is certainly time to replace the microwave. 
  2. Do not stand right in front of the microwave or put your face up to the glass to watch the food cook. 
  3. Teach your children to stay away from microwaves when they are on. No more pressing faces up to the glass to see if the food is done. 
  4. Don’t use ovens that seem to operate when the door is open.
  5. Ensure children chairs are not backed right up to the microwave.
  6. Our top advice: Get a toaster oven and use this more often. Use the cooktop instead of a microwave.  

Did you know?

The microwave oven used to be called a radar range. The story is that after WWII an engineer named Percy Spencer found the chocolate bar in pocket melted while he was working on equipment that generates radar called a magnetron.   

The first Radar Range was the size of a refrigerator and far too expensive for most families. Later they renamed the radar range to be a  “microwave.” 




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