How do I use a cell phone without wireless radiation or AC electric fields?

Now you know how to use a cell phone with an ethernet cable to eliminate wireless radiation from the cellular network, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your phone. But did you know that there is an additional option that also reduces AC electric fields (another type of radiation) when using a grounded ethernet cable setup?

Our electronic devices emit AC electric fields continuously that are absorbed by our body when we are within 6-8 feet of a source, like a cell phone or iPad. It is recommended to reduce our long-term, cumulative exposure to non ionizing radiation, whether it be from wireless, AC electric fields or AC magnetic fields that are all prevalent in our environment today.

Before You Start

  • Confirm the port on your cell phone. Most cell phones have a Lightning port. Some newer models have a USB-C port.

You Will Need

  • Shielded ethernet cable (choose the length you want, a longer one is better to reach your router, unless you have an ethernet port in the wall).
  • Lightning to Ethernet Adapter (important to use this adapter since it conveys grounding for AC electric fields, not all adapters do).
  • Ethernet Grounding Adapter Kit.


  1. Plug the ethernet adapter into the port on your cell phone. It is the same port that you use to charge your cell phone.
  2. Plug one end of the ethernet cable that comes with the Ethernet Grounding Adapter Kit into the ethernet port on the Lightning adapter.
  3. Plug the shielded ethernet cable that you purchased into the other ethernet port on the Ethernet Grounding Adapter Kit.
  4. Plug the other end of your shielded ethernet cable into an ethernet port on your router.
  5. Plug the power plug into an outlet in your wall.
  6. In Settings on your cell phone, you should now see “Ethernet” listed.
  7. Turn on Airplane mode and turn off WiFi and Bluetooth. This does not happen automatically when you plug in an ethernet cable.
  8. Place your phone on a table or a stand and use a stylus to avoid exposure to AC magnetic fields emitted by the phone.

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