How do I play a video for my child on an iPad?

Watching TV is actually a better way for a child to watch a video instead of on an iPad, because it eliminates the need for the child to hold an electronic device in their lap, like a cell phone or an iPad.

If you do use a tablet, here are some things you can do.

1. Pre download media instead of wireless streaming

  1. Download the video onto the tablet first and then activate Airplane mode (with Bluetooth/Cellular antennas off) before giving the tablet or iPad to a child. It is best to download content via ethernet connection.
  2. Always ensure that the child uses the iPad on a table instead of in their lap to avoid exposure to AC magnetic fields (another type of non-ionizing radiation emitted by the device).

2. Instead of Wi-Fi, use an ethernet cord to connect the tablet to the internet.

It is easier than you think to internet connect your iPad or tablet through an ethernet cord. All you need is a proper adapter and ethernet cord for the model of your tablet.

  1. Identify what type of adapter you need because iPad and tablet models are different. We recommend you contact Apple or the manufacturer and ask them “what model of ethernet adapter will work for my tablet.”
  2. After you connect the ethernet to the adapter to the tablet, turn ON Airplane Mode plus ensure that Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other antennas are all set to OFF.
  3.  Remember to always place tablet on a table (not rested on the lap, not handheld).

Below is an example of a professional recording studio, where the tablet is connected with ethernet, not Wi-Fi.

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