How do I have a security system and cameras?

If you have a security system that has wireless for the doors and windows, and you have had it for many years it very likely uses and infrared system and not always emitting non ionizing radiation like a Wi-Fi based security system does. So first find out what type of system you have.

If you need a system, there are some things you can do. Be aware most security systems offered these days are wireless, or have control panels that are wireless. We are advocating that companies bring safer security systems to market so that  people have safer options.

Step by Step

Security Systems

  1. Find out what kind of system you have.
  2. If there is wireless in the control panel see if you can turn the antennas off in the settings and connect the control panel via ethernet. Be aware that new systems that use hubs emit radio frequency radiation.

Security Cameras

  1. Look for a POE (power over ethernet) camera.
  2. Ensure they are wireless. This means you only need one cord connecting the cameras to the internet. There are non-wireless systems available that have Multi-Cam Live Feed where you can see a live feed of multiple cams on the same screen.  

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