How do I charge my devices safely?

We recommend charging your wireless device outside of your bedroom.

A wireless device, like a cell phone, emits several types of radiation while it is charging: wireless radiation as it connects to a nearby cell tower, and AC magnetic fields from the transformer attached to the charging cable and the charging cable when it is plugged into an outlet.

In short, when cell phones and devices are charging, they have higher electromagnetic emissions. This occurs regardless of whether the wireless antennas are transmitting or not.  Plus charging devices can overheat and they are a fire risk, so you need to take precautions.


  1. Do not charge your phone or device in your bedroom at night, especially near your head.
  2. Charge your device away from where you sit or stand for long periods of time, such as away from your desk in a home office while you are working there.
  3. Do not use your cell phone while it is charging.
  4. Always charge on a hard table or flat surface, not on a bed, couch or soft pillows.

We recommend charging devices during the day, not at night. Unplug them once the charging is complete.

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